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 Quotes About Thom Sequoia 

“Sequoia is a rare find – an astoundingly fresh voice to the singer-songwriter ranks hailing from the Pacific West.”

Tim’s Cabin Report – Orcas Island, WA

Quotes About Thom Sequoia's Music & Performances:

“Thom Sequoia is indie folk music.  People music.  His songs are the passion of the road, the subtle expressions of human interrelationships, the down-to-the-bone essence of life in America.  With expertly crafted guitar playing, and a silky tenor voice, Thom tugs on the threads of some inner freedom mostly gone in the world today.”

Shane Jackman – Americana Top 40 / National Touring Artist

“If accolades have a list of names to coddle, it won’t be long before Thom Sequoia’s name is on them.”

The Daily Herald – UT

“Take one starry night, add a glowing campfire, friends and family gathered around, and put Thom Sequoia and his two guitars there playing his incredible blend of acoustic artistry, and you have a recipe for one memorable evening!”

California Arts Council - Felton, CA

“Pure poetry to the heart, and music to the ears.”

Sunday Folk Radio  - KOVO AM960

“Just down the contemporary street from Ed Sheehan, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and Ellis Paul - and around the classic corner from Dan Fogelberg, The Eagles, Paul Mcartney, and Cat Stevens -  Thom Sequoia has been compared to them all, and still emerges with a unique voice all his own.  A quintessential singer / songwriter on the skirting edge of both pop rock, americana, country, and indie folk – with songs that run deep, and melodies that flow like a mountainous river.”

Dawson’s by the Creek House Concert – Walnut Creek, CA

“If you go see anyone this year, you must see Thom Sequoia’s performance. Where has this guy been hiding himself, and why isn’t he all over the airwaves?”

Abercrombie’s Review – Klammath Falls, OR

“Sharp and poignant – a notable singer/songwriter – Thom Sequoia stands out among the pack as an enigmatic master of his craft.  Hopefully his musical genius will continue to proliferate into the public awareness.  His guest appearance was very enjoyable.”

Freight & Salvage - West Coast Songwriters Association

“At once both storyteller, balladeer, and social commentator – with a telling honesty of the human condition and a prosaic delivery – Thom Sequoia is a voice poised to make a mark on the songwriter / performer  circuit.”

Novell Hard Disc Cafe - Provo, UT

“Last weekend Thom Sequoia was a guest performer at one of our events in Herndon, VA. His songs were amazingly good, and we would definitely invite him back again. ”

SAW / Songwriters Association Of Washington DC

“Thom Sequoia is a singer / songwriter toeing the edge of notoriety, with over a 100 songs to his credit, patiently waiting to be recorded. His song "Little Hands" has been performed in Branson, MO, for the last 15 years every week in front of audiences by the thousands as part of the Hughes Brothers Theatre shows (formerly Roy Clark Jr. Theatre), which have garnered over 10 prestigious show of the year awards, and which song was nominated as Independent Song Of The Year.

Yamaha Music School

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