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KICKSTARTER PROJECT #1:  Sept. 12 - Oct. 12th

Thom Sequoia: Unmask The Music Tour
& Podcast Launch

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That's the goal Thom set for his first kickstarter project. Of course any musician or fan who understands the costs of raising money to tour or record an album as an Independent Music Artist, knows that the cost is more like $7000 minimum, and can quickly go from there to about $100,000 in a heartbeat, depending on if you are recording in a professional studio, or a home studio, who the producer or recording engineer is, if you have other professional musicians performing, etc. Same for touring.

So Thom has set a bare minimum goal of $777, with a stretch goal (the real goal) of $7000.


Why 777? Well Thom was born on 7/21, and the numbers 7 and 21 have always been the lucky numbers he was born under. Just like one of his nicknames his friends gave him is Ace. As in Ace of Hearts, and Jack of Clovers. 21. Winning hand in Blackjack...and Acoustic Guitar Ace, Ace in the hole, Jack of all trades... you get the idea. (And yes, Thom has pulled triple sevens twice while playing a slot machine in Vegas!)


After the complete shutdown of touring for Independent Artists since March 2020 due to the Corona Virus pandemic, it is time to Unmask The Music and let fans safely enjoy live music again. Please donate to Thom's

kickstarter launching Winter 2022. He will be adding both in person and live online "in kickstarter" concert events during this kickstarter project.

He will also be launching the
Unmask The Music Podcast during this kickstarter, where Thom will interview Independent Artists weekly to talk about how they are preparing to tour again, and how the pandemic that completely took away artist and band touring and income has affected them. (more than $40 billion lost in 2 years)


For example, you could watch Thom's concerts live and donate to the kickstarter, as if you were paying a ticket for the concert. Or watch the video podcast. Or just to support Thom's music creations. Or the podcast launch. Or all of the above.

Oh, and there will be great kickstarter rewards!

KICKSTARTER PROJECT #2 -  January 20th Launch

Unmask The Music Festival

As CEO and creator of The New Music Revolution, and the Unmask The Music projects, Thom will be launching the Unmask The Music Festival project on Jan 20th, 2022

This project will feature podcast interviews with Bands & Artists, as well as a 10 day music festival with more than 100 live Band / Artist performances, both online and live in Park City, UT, during the Sundance Film Festival.

Unmask The Music project is an effort to help Independent Bands & Artists transition back to making money and safely performing live after the Covid Pandemic wiped out all touring and Artist revenue for the last year and a half.

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